Our vision

To be the most trusted provider of financial advice for doctors and their families, helping doctors to have a secure financial future–because that’s always in a doctor’s best interest.


Our story

As a mutual that’s owned by doctors, for doctors, Avant is constantly looking for ways we can benefit our members, and other doctors and their families.

It concerned us that while doctors acknowledge the need for professional financial advice and planning, many are distrustful of the financial advice industry. An ASIC study1 released in August 2019 showed that the problem is widespread. It found that 41% of Australians intend to get financial advice, but many would not ultimately proceed because they do not trust the industry.

We decided to develop a comprehensive financial advice service for doctors and their families that would engender the same degree of trust Avant has built up over the past 125 years.

1Australian Securities & Investments Commission. Financial advice: What consumers really think. REPORT 627. ASIC, 2019.

How we will operate

We will act lawfully, ethically and responsibly not just because it’s the law, but because we are part of Avant.

We will ensure our fees are transparent and we will offer good value for the high-quality advice we provide.

We will attract and retain professional, experienced financial advisers that also share our values.

We share Avant’s values and mutual ethos of respect, integrity, demonstrating the highest standards of honesty and ethical behaviour, being easy to deal with and putting doctors first – always.

Doctors Wealth Management helps you grow and protect your wealth

What should you look for in a financial adviser? Financial acumen? Obviously. A comprehensive understanding of financial markets? Definitely. Not to mention a thorough appreciation of everything from taxation and superannuation to insurance and estate planning.

But these are the fundamentals. And all financial advisers should be experts in them. The real question is: are they experts in you? After all, as a doctor, you have your own unique set of circumstances.

Your financial adviser needs to understand doctors as well as wealth creation and protection

At Doctors Wealth Management, we think that understanding your professional journey and the financial complexities of being a doctor, is not just crucial–it makes a profound difference.

The fact that we’re backed by the strength and integrity of Avant Mutual gives us an enormous advantage in this area. It means our financial advice offering is designed for doctors and their families.


Will Wilson was honest, trustworthy, professional and above all, helpful. I chose not to pursue any of the offered financial products simply because my financial needs are not complex enough to warrant this. Regardless, if I did have a need to pursue more in-depth planning in future I would seek your products as a first option given the positive experience I had with Will.

“I recently met with Anthea Dang to discuss general financial advice and planning. I found Anthea to be extremely helpful and easy to talk to. Anthea provided great education around general finances, in particular asset classes which I found really helpful. Anthea was also able to ask some questions that I had not thought of previously, and made me think more critically about my financial future.

I found this session to be really informative and would be recommending this service and Anthea to colleagues.”

“We have never felt in such competent hands , having never really come across a financial advisor like her. Anthea strikes just the right balance, providing professionalism and attention to detail whilst really understanding our position and financial needs. She also appears to love a giggle.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have Anthea on our side.”

“Just wanted to leave a quick [belated] message of feedback regarding a meeting that my wife and I had with Anthea Dang several months ago. Being quite young and new to the investment side of things, we had been exploring the option of finding further financial advice. Even though we did not proceed (more due to cash flow), the meeting was incredibly helpful and we found that Anthea was really able to provide personalised advice. We had and have had a chat to a few other companies since, and there hasn’t been anyone as genuinely helpful and forthcoming as Anthea (usually just given basic summation of products and told to proceed, without much contact after either). Though it’s been several months, it’s always stood out and been at the back of my mind to give feedback because Anthea’s service really was exceptional and unique. If we would proceed with a financial adviser, it definitely would have been with Anthea.”

“My wife and I have had the pleasure of being Monique’s clients due to the recommendation of my father. We wanted to submit some feedback relating to the quality of her work, as she has been incredible. She has gone above and beyond every time, she has been clear with information, she has been helpful and responsive and she has been a joy to deal with.

I cannot give a glowing enough recommendation for your staff as Monique is the best Financial Adviser I’ve worked with!

Liam Polkinghorne”

Simple, transparent pricing

Our fees are simple and transparent, with a fixed fee for financial advice. Importantly, Doctors Wealth Management advisers are not rewarded based on the products they recommend, the amount of cover you need or how much you invest. Be assured that we are committed to working in your best interests. Not just because it’s the law, but because it’s at the heart of our mutual ethos and culture: putting you first, always.

Over 50% of Australian doctors trust Avant with their professional reputation.
Now, you can trust Doctors Wealth Management to look after your financial wellbeing too.

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